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I'm Sami I like coffee. tea. cigarettes. tattoos. hairdressing and my kitty Salem.

I have like a bowl pack left of this pineapple kush and I kinda wanna smoke it but it’s so good I wanna save it


do you ever use music as a way to measure time


are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?


A compilation of my favourite ‘little stories’ from tumblr.

- Part 1 || Part 2


do you ever write a message but halfway through you think “you know what fuck it they dont even care” and delete it

Empty beds bum me out
Empty beds bum me out




there are people on this website with children

there are people on this website who have their life together

there are people on this website who are award winning novelists

today i tried to smile at someone with water in my mouth and almost died


I’m on my phone so idk what that gif is but i have feeling it’s either spn related or it’s the gif of harry smiling at cho